Who We Are

Africa has, over the years, become the primary destination for people from all walks of life – from tourists, entertainers to business people. And their interaction with the people of this continent has been through various platforms which have spawned the development of the events’ and special projects’ management industry.

It is within this environment that Basiq Blaque was established.

Basiq Blaque is a young, vibrant black female run & owned Pan-African experiential project management and content consulting agency established in early 2006 to add value to the development of African society into the future through the creation of opportunities for dialogue and interaction across society.

Our Philosophy & Promise

Basiq Blaque’s primary objective is to empower every stakeholder we interact with on our projects -whether a client, partner, supplier or guest. We strongly believe that through practising the basic principles of engagement, information and dialogue, we open up the doors for endless possibilities for Africans, which will inevitably empower all persons we come into contact with.

Our team is focused on making your event a success through quality planning and flawless execution.

Our goal is to provide and maintain the highest level of professionalism and quality in our services while creating and executing first-class experiences for our clients.

Event Management

By meticulous planning and anticipating our clients’ needs, we offer pre-planning with a guarantee that onsite operations run smoothly. Whether you are looking for assistance to simply design and pre-plan an experience or require a full project management solution, we can accommodate your needs.

We will assist you in choosing and a securing a venue site, negotiate your contracts and service level agreements, manage the logistics, oversee the design and production of printed materials and oversee every detail, all within your budget.

We are committed to creating fresh ideas to showcase the possibilities of Africa and its many attractions.

For events that leave a lasting impression, Basiq Blaque has a special allure. From intimate gatherings to larger conferences, our professional team will approach every event with a dedicated focus and unbridled enthusiasm. Whether you’re planning a product promotion or a gala dinner, you will always have our undivided attention.

We make it happen.

Content Consulting

The content ecosystem/media landscape has evolved drastically over the last decade. Beyond merely interacting with the platforms available, organisations need to create and develop their own content. And, when we talk content, we are not simply referring to digital text, video or audio, or traditional print, or radio or television or social media but rather the sharing of stories across platforms and across experiences, holistically. A conversation, an event, a blog post, a magazine article, a press release and a tweet are all content.

Within this context, we provide content consulting services from the conceptualisation and development of brand media platforms – both online and offline -, editorial strategies and plans for said platforms, and the creation and training of content management teams.

We also, through our partnerships and relationships, provide production and editing services.

Our contact details

Physical Address: 51 Keurboom Street, Sundowner, Johannesburg, 2188

For General enquiries: estelle.baffoe@basiqblaque.com

Estelle Baffoe: +27 (0) 83 607 6489
Jo-Anne Petersen: +27 (0) 79 677 2999
Kojo Baffoe: +27 (0) 83 236 6083

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